My Holy Trinity

My study of various religions cued me in to the fact that psychology itself is a religion which conveniently denies its own self-awareness as such to the general public. The study of the human soul falls under the jurisdiction of spirituality, by definition. When L. Ron Hubbard presented his life’s work to the archons of psychology, they ostracized him from society and created an infamous living legend. A similar fate was ascribed to Charles Manson, who may or may not have been one of Hubbard’s most profound students.

Manson was sentenced to the death penalty for a series of murders which he was clearly connected to, but obviously did not commit. He was essentially prosecuted ex post facto under the RICO law which was passed during his trial. The legend of Manson hardly resembles the reality, but propaganda can be made to weave any reality that its masters desire to spin. Above all else, Manson dedicated his life to bringing awareness to climate change, as he said, declaring war on pollution. Anyone who fights to reverse climate change is (unwittingly) following directly in the footsteps of Charles Manson.

Perhaps the most influential artist upon my work is Diane Arbus. Arbus may be known and respected by pockets of the art community, but she does not receive the credit she deserves for initiating a massive shift in the awareness of modern culture. Spotlighting freaks in her lens eventually normalized them enough to inspire more and more to have the courage to step out of the shadows. Transgenders are among the various peoples today who owe Arbus a major debt of gratitude for her life’s work.