About Jeremy Lampkin

Artist Statement

My art imagines a different way of looking at the world. Using the 7 basic colors of the rainbow in a color-after-color technique, my style is characterized by an exaggeration of light, color, and distorted features. My ecto-morphized figures are very much inspired by primitive art like the Moai statues of Easter Island. Colors separate into a flow almost like you’d see in a kaleidoscope, a simpleton’s attempt to paint subjects as energy rather than matter.

From ancient cultures and mythology to ground breaking new religions of the past century, and even visions of what could be thought of as the future, my art is inspired by everything mystical. Recently discovering the Gateway Process gave me not only a more detailed cartography of turf I had experienced in astral travels, but a souped up vehicle. Artistically, I am most invested in my work related to this mystical journey to the higher dimension (documented in the Regression series).

Mental health awareness is a huge part of my artistic discipline. Experience within the field of psychology led me to seek alternative methods focused upon roots as opposed to symptoms. As trauma is at the root of mental health issues, the most infuriating kind:  abuse involves the spreading of trauma from one person to another. Mental illness is a disease passed from person to person, generation to generation.  Trauma is a demon, a parasite capable of swallowing its host.  Figuring out how to fight and ultimately subjugate these demons has been one of the main themes of my artwork.

Except for my speed paintings, I generally use 1.5 inch deep gallery wrap canvases which do not need to be framed (and more recently, on unstretched polyester). I paint the sides, but only a rough once over, not in the same level of detail as the front. Paintings are wired for hanging and protected with Golden brand glossy archival quality (removable) varnish on top of an isolation coat of Golden’s glossy Soft Gel.

Jeremy Lampkin
Curator at Faux Pas Gallery
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