My artwork was always connected to spirituality and my need to rise above unfortunate circumstances.  I started painting in order to reflect upon visions from altered states of consciousness that could be thought of as out of body experiences.  I never could claim any one religion over another because I’d learned so much from them all.  Then one day not too long ago I stumbled upon a link to a declassified CIA document that helped me see my life in a whole new perspective.

Simply put, the Gateway Project explained pretty much everything.  Not only did it explain the universe as a simulation, it did so with scientific precision and practicality in mind.  Gateway identifies the exit to the known universe and provides the knowledge and technology required to use that exit.  While this concept was not exactly new to me, its conceptual vehicle had been vastly overhauled.  I had already painted half of a series on this exact subject, and suddenly this treasure just fell in my lap.  I got back into meditation immediately, embarking on my own Gateway Voyage.

On the flip side of painting, I work in other mediums and am active in the art community. I’m a curator at Faux Pas Gallery and serve on the Art Committee at Awakenings in Chicago. I often collaborate with other artists. As a model, I can be found in the work of artists such as Cecelia Ivy Price.