Manson Series

"Let me gather something up in here. It makes no difference now that 20 years have gone by. If I'm guilty or not guilty its really immaterial. It doesn't really hold a balance to any particular reality that has anything to do with anything. Pushing blame in circles, and play acting, punishing someone else because you're not sure of something, is really rather primitive in this day and age. The technology that we have, I want to say this to all of you this is important to your life.


When a holy war is called upon the planet earth by a holy man, there is a word that we use, God, that holds all the other words together. This holy war invokes all uniformed personnel into procedure. All uniformed personnel pick up authority as if we are in a war, a struggle, and the fight, is to the death. There is no slack in the act there is no in between, there's no way you can cut it any different. You will fight or you will die, you will fight the enemy or you will be executed. You'll be stood up against the wall and shot.


Because it's simple, when your enemy comes to you he's coming to you to kill you he's not coming to play video games. You're stuck off in video games and your new technology. You think you're protected by your big government but you're not. Your government can sell you out just as quick as Nixon did.


So it comes down to this and this is the only thing that made you people mad at me, your enemy, you got to know your enemy. Do you know who your enemy is? You're the enemy out there. You sit there fat, sloppy kickback watching TV and judge everyone else as being wrong but you it's not that way at all it doesn't roll that way. You can blame me all day long but it's not going to change the fact that your atmosphere is dying, your polar caps are melting, your ozones are falling.


We are at war's door right now. When that door opens, it's all out war against you. You said we the people versus the United States of America it's the same when you said we the people versus Manson."


— Charles Manson



This shaman's purpose in life was his passion to stop climate change, which he was very much aware of even back in the 60's. He and a small band of misfits declared war on pollution in a mad quest to save the world from the wealthy upper class. It was the reason he played the role he was cast into. He knew that one day the world would be forced to wake up. All who dare to fight climate change are directly following in the footsteps of Charles Manson.