Manson Series

Having studied the man's life, the legend of Charles Manson always astounded me. A boy who knows nothing beyond the punishment he's received for anything he's ever done learns to crave negative attention. When a 9 year old is sentenced to reform school where he is repeatedly sexually assaulted by not only the older boys, but also the guards, he learns all about how much he can trust the system. A system that could even conceive of throwing its children to the wolves is fundamentally broken in the first place. It's no wonder that this boy would grow up to be the man who dedicated his life to breaking that system.


Looking into the infamous trial, I discovered that the law of the land had broken itself in the most flamboyantly blatant fashion in order to convict him of crimes that he didn't commit. A law that breaks itself is no law at all; it is tyranny. Because of his background, Manson provided the system with the perfect scapegoat to take down the revolution before it reached the point of no return. In the 1960's, the Rockefellers, along with other elite oligarchs conducted a study geared to help them understand what was happening in society. How could the peasants get to this point where they stopped working for us, and how do we get them to go back to work? The primary answer: education. The current generation, they concluded, had been overeducated. How do we condemn the entire movement? Evil hippie cult leader. Enter Charles Manson.


During the Manson trial, the federal government passed RICO law, a new anti-gangster law making it possible to send Mafia bosses to prison for ordering murders. This law could be used today to take organizations like the Catholic Church out, holding all who helped cover up pedophilia responsible. By the same token, it could be used to take out corruption within the government. It would be interesting to see this law in effect where it could do the most good. In the case of the Manson trial, RICO law was used against him ex post facto, meaning that they had to call it by another name. Essentially Manson was sentenced to the death penalty under a law that didn't even exist at the time of the infamous murder spree. Somebody in a high place seemed to be looking out for him when the death penalty was repealed shortly after his sentence, converting his sentence to life.


Manson's highest purpose in life was his passion to end climate change, which he was very much aware of even back in the 60's. He and his small band of misfits declared war on pollution in a mad quest to save the world from the wealthy upper class. The rich were determined to live it up as long as the party could go on, the planet and future generations be damned. This is what Charles Manson lived for - his passion to save the planet so that humanity could survive. It is the reason he played the role he was cast into. He knew that one day the world would be forced to wake up and listen to his prophetic words. All those who dare to fight against climate change are following in the footsteps of Charles Manson.