I’m a Chicago based artist with a background in web design. Mythology and mysticism have been a major influence on my life; I’d call myself a self-educated student of holistic anthropology. My favorite artist is Diane Arbus.

Art was my passion as a little kid, but somehow I got lost along the way to adulthood. Key adults discouraged me early on, including two art teachers who gave good artwork bad grades (probably having more to do with my choice of content than actual talent). For example I was into nudes, even sculpting nude figures of my mother without realizing the awkwardness. It’s no wonder I developed a problem with authority.

Getting back into the arts was a long road for me. In 2005, I had already spent 5 years deeply entrenched in esoteric studies before it dawned on me that I should be painting. I had been doing a lot of craft projects, including a lot of Native American crafts like dream catchers, spirit shields, moccasins, and dolls. Working on spirit shields led me to illustrating a tarot deck, which led to painting. After years of trial and error experimenting with technique, finally I developed a unique style, beginning my first series in the autumn of 2014.

For my first series, Temples, I reworked several of my earliest nude studies. Gnostic lore binds the story line, relating mythology to life experience. The eerily erotic series focuses centrally upon Sophia’s creation of the demiurge and her transformation into the light being Lucifer, a metaphor for the manifestation of energy as matter.

My second series focuses upon one of the most infamous believers in gnosis, Charles Manson. Having spent a lifetime behind bars, Manson could be considered the real life king of the underworld. I believe an unbiased, in-depth exploration of this man could provide a pivotal key to understanding the human condition.

Listening to a lot of underground music in my youth, bands like Skinny Puppy heightened my awareness of what was going on in the world. Post-Gnostic and Scientology offshoot groups like the Process Church sparked my curiosity. Their system inspired the online oracle Zone31. I also designed Tarotsmith, providing free do-it-yourself divination with decks by independent artists such as myself. My bifrost tarot deck (rough draft of a forthcoming deck) is exhibited in the Museo del Tarot in Madrid.

Exploring my comedic side, I designed a site about the evils of tarot reading, and some not so serious Pop-Cubism, a style I still experiment with on the side.