Psychedelic Roulette #1

My very first NFT. This animated piece of psychedelic art was adapted from my original painting Round About the Throne. The animation and audio track are intended to be used as a focal point for guidance in Gateway Process style meditation.

Gateway meditation launches one’s consciousness into out of body experience. Binaural (or hemi-sync™) audio technology helps synchronize the hemispheres of the brain as one visually focuses on a core center of gravity such as a black hole, star, or planetary object such as the moon in this case. Consciousness gathers at the back of the brain stem where it is collected to be shot through the tunnel between hemispheres like a cannon. Entering the black hole, consciousness exits the confines of the spacetime continuum and enters the state of singularity. As a focused energy being, one is able to explore dimensions beyond the ordinary limitations of the biological vehicle and the illusion of 3 dimensional reality.

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