Out of Space


acrylic on unstretched polyester canvas – 1X1 m total including edges or ~ 75X75 cm more or less after potentially being stretched on a frame (but I’ll probably hang this as a scroll)

Finished on Sep 13, 2020 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, this is the 13th piece from the Regression series. This is the first piece I’ve painted since discovering the Gateway Process, which has changed my view of the world by confirming many of my wildest beliefs and theories and even adding some all new stuff to think about. I look forward to experiencing the visions that will inspire the second half of this series.

This painting represents the leap of faith one must take to jump into the white hole — as a moth to a flame. The individual melts into the collective consciousness. The fifth dimension awaits, and contrary to popular belief, death is not necessarily a prerequisite to experience the eternal afterlife.