Baptism by Fire



Temple N, acrylic on canvas – 30X48X1.5 inches

The great spirit submerges into the universe. A star is born. Each individual is a star following its own path.

The key to the series is represented in this painting. Stated simply, the meditating individual in the foreground symbolizes the male aspect of existence, sitting in the lap of the universe, the female aspect. A formless female takes the shape of every female form. The fiery background figure represents union, the binding factor of the trinity.

The trinity is composed of the 3 layers of the self and 3 levels of life. In the Bible, the word life was translated as a sort of catch-all for 3 different, distinct levels of the life force. The Greek word for the physical life force that powers organisms was bios – the root of biology. The word for the mind or soul of the individual was psuche – the root of psyche. The word for the divine, eternal essence that binds all was Zoe – union. Gnosis, da’ath, nirvana, and religare are all words that essentially mean union, or acquaintance with the divine self.