acrylic on canvas – 36X24X1.5 inches

A stylistic one-off which relies upon symbolism. The swastika represents various cultures, oneness, and time/space. This symbol converts the flag’s original 50 stars to 50 suns.

The swastika brings to mind not only Nazi Germany, but also the indigenous peoples of America, linked by the constancy of genocide in humanity’s not so pleasant history. One of the things they don’t teach us in history class is that Hitler was a huge fan of “Cowboys and Indians” stories, so much in fact that he based his horrific concentration camps on America’s Indian reservations.

Manson’s adoption of this sigil not only connects him to every aspect of its rich history, but brings the swastika up to speed with current events. I hope this painting reminds us of the plight of political prisoners from the common drug offender to icons like Leonard Peltier — and the continuing exploitation of natives today: Standing Rock.

An independent piece of this diptych: