Land of the Black Sun



acrylic on canvas – 48X60X1.5 inches

Chicago skyline at sunset

Artists often see visions in their heads at bedtime. This painting is based upon one of those visions. The Black Sun appears in the mythology and mysticism of different cultures around the world. Rising at nightfall, the Black Sun is said to represent the divine feminine. Dying each night, the world enters the darkness of the womb, awaiting its daily rebirth as darkness and light perpetually chase each other across the sky.

This was my largest and most time-consuming painting to date, taking 10 consecutive days and nights. As my psychedelic art style involves a repetitive color-after-color technique, painting such a large sky cramped my hand and wrist like no other piece. The detail of the sun itself took an entire day. All in all, I’d estimate this one took no less than 100 hours of work (plus around another 8-10 hours for varnishing).



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