Real Bio

During his time in Chicago, Jeremy Lampkin freelanced as an artist, publisher, graphic/web designer, consultant, tarot reader, delivery boy, test subject, model, bar tender… anything to support his painting habit. Lampkin’s acrylic paintings are inspired by the reintegration of repressed memories using a process inspired by religious practices which he calls Regressionism. The artwork itself is used as a means of bringing troublesome memory engrams to the surface and discharging them.

Dealing with personal demons led to the larger scale work of taking on society’s demons. Even though Lampkin adhered to the scientific method, the unknowns became overwhelming. Confrontation after confrontation, finally the demons seemed to take on a life of their own. A proponent of the holistic perspective, he could not shake the primitive notion that maybe, just maybe, these demons could be real. He came to think of these memory engrams as seeds which had been planted by ancient aliens from another plane of existence.

Lampkin’s familiarity with the alien hierarchy led him up the chain of command, eventually to their leader — the central seed which had been secretly growing inside his brain for years. If hatched, the entity would manifest as a black hole and eat the world, swallowing everything into an nightmarish sub-layer of the universe. In an epic battle with the supreme middleman, Lampkin was finally able to pinpoint and abort the alien embryo.

Victory’s aftermath took its toll, ultimately triggering a nervous breakdown. Finally, Lampkin moved back in with his mother in the small town where he grew up, setting his life on pause to pick up the pieces of a shattered mind…

Continued in the Temples series