The holistic perspective is met with resentment from all sides. Those who find inner peace disgust those who dare not believe such a state can exist. Ignorance and outright prejudice has persisted in plaguing society throughout the ages. Propaganda indoctrinates the layman. Far too oblivious to study or even verify popular beliefs, he chooses the comfortable life of convenience that was laid out by his unknown masters.

Ever since I can remember, my existence has seemed too much a burden for others to bear. Every group I’ve come upon has been populated by hypocritical posers, who usually bask in self-righteousness. Reading the bible, I discovered an abyss between scripture and religion. Upon completing the Abramelin, I was unwelcomed by self-proclaimed “occultists” too lazy to waste time enduring the rite themselves, since they know it all already. This prerequisite to the ritual of creating one’s own tarot deck was entirely unobserved by every single tarot “expert” and deck creator I ever encountered.

Modern “Gnostics” pose as heretical rebels while ignoring the modern era’s prophets, perfectly content to let the true heretics rot. Fancying themselves scholars and philosophers, they dwell in the past practicing a convenient philosophy: out of sight, out of mind. Even non-conformist “rebels” fall in line.

Manson haters and fanatics alike ignore this human paradox’s cagey wisdom. Too dense to comprehend his holistic philosophy, haters denounce the man himself while fanatics condemn what made him who he is, unwittingly playing the same blame game that Manson so avidly preaches against. Knowing full well his attitude about name-droppers and snitches, misguided followers attempt to collect dues in His name — reveling in self-righteousness while living in a hobo’s shadow. Cloned drones pose online using his face as profile pics and variations of his aliases and connections as screen names, rejecting the challenge of making their own names.

Consider the above paragraph, and the same goes for many Crowley followers. An entire religion painstakingly conceived and dedicated to the idea of finding one’s own unique path and blazing a trail results in masses congregating to take the easy road.

Art groups display a lack of creativity and resourcefulness. Failing to recognize revolutionary artists, they fail to realize that the goal of art is revolution. When art presents a picture that challenges their view of the world, they quickly turn their head, preferring a more pleasant landscape.

We view ourselves through lenses of self-righteousness, condemning others who display the backward attitudes that we secret within ourselves. When we hate those who remind us of our innermost selves, it is ourselves that we truly hate. Polarizing figures split the crowd both for and against, but few notice that any dichotomy essentially exists as one unit.

To despise for example, Hitler, one must see a lot of himself in the man. Not to gloss over despicable actions, but it is important to understand why they were necessary in the grand scheme. The holistic perspective requires a dispassionate sense of detachment, or else one succumbs to the irrationality of an emotional, egocentric response and misses the point. Faith in one all-powerful God is derailed by condemnation of the devil.