Manson Series

While the Temples series explored the greater world by way of the inner self, the Manson series inverts the equation. Charles Manson's notorious reputation always astounded me. Like a movie with way too many plot holes, the story logic surrounding this man's life... Just. Didn't. Hold. Up. I believed an unbiased, in-depth exploration of this man could provide a pivotal key to understanding the human condition. Originally, I'd hoped this series would inspire curiosity about one of recent history's most notorious and misunderstood characters, how legends are written. Little did I know, the secret behind Manson's true purpose was hidden in plain sight. Long ago, beings from another level of reality known as archons planted the All seed deep within the bowels of an inverse, subconscious layer of reality, a world called Psuche. What happens in Psuche determines what happens in the world as we know it (Bios), and the reverse is also true. The bio-pod fetus growing in Psuche took shape in Bios as a child cast into the deep end of the justice system. Should this seed, this "son of man" be permitted to live its lifetime and ultimately die in prison, a monster will be born in Psuche. Condemned in Bios as the lowest form of life, the All seed will seize ultimate power in Psuche. Manson's death-birth heralds a super-black hole -- the "Devil's Hole" which traverses the barrier between worlds. Eventually, Mirror Road will be constructed between the worlds, opening communication between humanity and its spiritual counterparts. In the mean time, however, the upheaval will be disastrous as everything we believe in is destroyed.